Effective teams are the engine behind organisational success

Good teamwork means improved organisational performance and better morale amongst staff – these are well-recognised facts. But team success is by no means automatic. To make it work, each team member needs to understand the shared purpose, feel valued and collaborate willingly to achieve the common goal. That’s the challenge.

Team programmes from Purple Orange:

  • Team Building
  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Team Development Programmes
  • Development for the Senior Team
  • Facilitated Team Away Days

Helping you to create highly effective teams

Working in close partnership, we’ll get your teams working collaboratively. We deliver high impact team programmes and events carefully tailored to achieve the results you want. Whether yours is a new team or an existing one looking to build on its strengths, Purple Orange can help. Our team programmes are engaging, inspiring and really good fun. But most important of all, they’re designed to make a real difference to team behaviours back in the workplace.

We believe that people learn more effectively experientially – practising it rather than just talking about it. Our team programmes include a powerful mix of practical indoor and outdoor activities, workshops, input sessions and facilitated discussions – on your site or at a variety of interesting locations we recommend to suit your needs.

Who will benefit?

Teams from organisations big or small: new teams coming together for the first time; existing teams looking to refocus or change direction; virtual teams; dispersed teams; project teams. We work with teams at all levels from employees to executive boards.

Team outcomes:

  • Engage and inspire your people
  • Encourage collaborative working towards a shared goal
  • Easier relationships, better communication and a greater sense of trust
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of others
  • Better business results – we’ve witnessed improved productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, sales, cost reduction and professionalism as a result

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