Inspire and engage your people to make your vision, mission, values and strategy come to life

Its one thing to create a mission, set of values or a strategic plan; it’s another to get your people to make this a reality.

Purple Orange will help you to engage your people in the strategic plan. We facilitate powerful meetings, workshops, events and away days to develop and commuicate the strategy, getting input and buy in from across your organisation.

Strategy Planning Retreats:

We facilitate away day retreats for senior management and executive boards. This is an opportunity to get away from the business and spend focused time on strategy without the distraction of business-as-usual challenges.

Strategy Development & Communication Programmes:

We’ll help you to:

  • Define the process for rolling out the new vision or plan to your staff
  • Get input from your people so they take ownership of the new plan and improve business performance
  • Inspire, enthuse, engage and involve people in your plan
  • Show your managers the benefits so they can make the plan relevant to their teams
  • Train your managers to deliver the plan to their staff, with a clear process to follow
  • Run events to communicate the strategy across the organisation

“The way we rolled out the business plan and the inclusive nature of the process had a direct impact on employee engagement and satisfaction. The process got our managers engaged and onside, taking ownership of the new plan as they rolled it out to their people.”

We’ll help you to get your message across in a way that inspires your staff and improves organisational performance.

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