“I’d recommend Purple Orange for team development programmes as well as individual coaching and leadership development. They build rapport very quickly. They’re professional, friendly, experienced and full of energy. Any one that employs people could benefit from Purple Orange.”
— Ross Macken, Operations Director, Unipath Ltd, Dec 2009

“To reach the next level I need my management team to take ownership of the business, objectives and plans. Claire’s been very useful in helping us with this thorugh one-to-one coaching, team building and facilitation. She’s also a great source of feedback. I get that third party, arms length vision. She sees and listens in an impartial way and gives me clear insight into what’s happening in the team, the impact of my behaviour and what needs to be done.”
— Paul Kirkham, Managing Director, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, March 2010

“I bring in Claire and Purple Orange for strategic leadership work – high level facilitation and team development – with my clients. They’re totally focused on bringing real benefit to the businesses and individuals they’re involved with. Purple Orange’s programmes and events are so much more engaging than other learning and development I’ve experienced.”
— Jo Twiselton, MD of Twist Consultants, Dec 2009

“It’s all joined up and linked to the reality of the working environment. That’s what I wanted – a programme that is fully integrated and has a real impact back in the workplace. And it is having an impact. The programme has been running for 2 years and there’s been a real difference in behaviour. Our graduates are now far more professional.”
— Graduate Development Specialist, Government Establishment (see full case study)

“Claire combines the very rare talents of being able to identify the people development needs of her clients, design amazingly effective programmes and deliver them with passion. Claire wants nothing more than to see people grow and become more effective in their lives – every time I have worked with her it has been a real pleasure, and her determination to deliver the best means that there is never a dull moment.”
— Julian Dodson, MD, Active Learning Events Ltd, April 28, 2009

“One word to describe Claire: empathetic. She is empathetic towards the training needs of an organisation. Claire gets it: she gets me; what we’re trying to achieve and the stage of development we’re at, and she works to our budget too.”
— Paul Kirkham, MD, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, March 2010

“I’d recommend Claire and Purple Orange for individual development, strategy support, team and management training. They’d be good as part of a change programme, for driving cultural change, for organisational health checks and for companies that are restructuring.”
— Daren Bell, Director of Operations , Sodexo Technical Services (see full Sodexo case study)

“The course was very engaging – I liked the hands on, action-centred approach which made it easy for what they learned to become real. The administration behind it was excellent too. This made my job much easier. The feedback from the delegates was brilliant.”
— Head of Leadership & Management, Government Establishment (see full case study)

Feedback from our delegates:

“Thank you so much for the course and all the advice. It was a fantastic opportunity for self-development and one that I believe will benefit both myself and the company I work for.”

“I don’t think I have ever done anything before where I could see the evolution in myself every hour!”

“As always Purple Orange provided a range of excellent activities that were very useful as well as being lots of fun. The course was well delivered by high quality instructors. I’m looking forward to the next module.”

“I did wonder how I could possibly go back into the real world and apply it all. However, your activities were once again geared to that and provided not just tips but also comments and feedback that will help me to keep my internal belief in myself for a long while.”

“Thanks again for all your hard work. If I can purposefully apply or find myself applying even a fraction of what I have learned then the team benefits will really start to add up.”

“The Purple Orange team delivered a very fun, enjoyable course that had the right amount of depth to be able to look at myself and demonstrated what I need to do to improve.”

“I would just like to say thanks for an excellent Team Working and Interpersonal Course. It was highly enjoyable and a great experience.”

“Thanks to your organisation and communication beforehand I knew I would be in very safe hands. I have a fantastic 3 days; pushing myself over and beyond what I thought was possible both physically and mentally.”

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