There are many learning and development consultancies to choose from so what makes Purple Orange different? We believe that the difference is in the approach we take.

We get the best results through working in the following way:

  • We listen hard to identify what is important to your business.
  • Working in close partnership we deliver high impact programmes to achieve the outcomes you require.
  • We establish measurable outcomes, designing a programme to fit your business culture, time constraints and budget.
  • Our programmes include a wide range of activities and projects – often in an unfamiliar and therefore stimulating environment – to give everyone the opportunity to get involved.
  • We see our role as helping teams and individuals to transfer new skills and behaviours back in to the workplace so that they become habits and embedded behaviours.
  • We create memorable opportunities to learn, reflect, practise skills and have some fun
  • We help delegates sustain these actions for the long-term benefit of their organisations and for them as individuals.

“Our approach is to engage people to recognise areas for development, taking ownership and transferring learning back to the workplace so that the change sticks.”

We believe that…

  • practical, positive and participative approach inspires real change in people’s behaviour
  • Making change in your business involves taking people on a journey: our role as learning and development consultants is to work with you to reach your destination and provide memorable experiences along the way
  • People learn best by doing: practising different behaviours not just talking about them
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills are key to the success of any organisation
  • It’s one thing to create a set of values or a strategic plan; it’s another to inspire and engage people to make them a reality.

“Having worked in industry for many years as a manager, I have sat through all too many training programmes where I find myself staring out of the window or clock watching as I listen to a monotone voice delivering from a rule book and revealing yet another PowerPoint slide. If you’re going to learn it’s got to be engaging and fun! I suppose you could say I have developed a unique style of delivering and facilitating high impact training programmes based on my own experiences.”

— Claire Alston

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