“Work collaboratively towards a shared business goal”

Senior team

Setting the right example

It is well known that the behaviour of the senior management team has a direct impact on overall business performance and motivation of staff. If your executive team works well together, this will have a positive effect right across the company.

How we can help

Purple Orange’s executive team development specialists have years of experience working with top teams of large bluechip companies, smaller SMEs and public organisations. We work with senior teams in an variety of ways:

We’ll help you build a senior team that works collaboratively to achieve organisational goals, leads and inspires the business, sets clear direction and lives the values of the organisation.

We’ll evaluate top team performance and behaviours, help to address any issues, and teach or reteach the skills you needs to function as a highly effective executive team.

“The away day for our senior team was fantastic – the insights we got were invaluable. The team has begun to think differently as a result.” — Paul Kirkham, Managing Director, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Even the senior team needs time out and development to refocus from time-to-time. We’ll help you to realign your executive team.

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“I’d recommend Purple Orange for team development programmes as well as individual coaching and leadership development. Any one that employs people could benefit from Purple Orange.”
— Ross Macken
Operations Director, Unipath Ltd, Dec 2009

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