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Training locations

Purple Orange learning and development programmes and events can be held either on or off your site as required. We’ve worked in a huge variety of locations:

  • from charming hotels with great outdoor grounds to an airfield base in the Falklands
  • from basic bunk houses to a smart hotel in Egypt
  • from corporate headquarters to canal boats, outdoor centres and barns

Whatever location best suits our clients!

We’ll find you the right venue

As part of our service to you and at no extra charge we’ll help you find the right venue for your programme. Options range from your offices to hotels and conference centres, remote outdoor centres, local sports centres, clubs and colleges. The final decision will depend on your requirements, budget and time constraints.

Locations we’ve used to good effect in the past:

If you have a venue in mind we’re happy to consider that too.

Next steps:

  • Contact us on 0118 981 0145 or email info@purple-orange.co.uk with your ideas and requirements. We’ll come back to you with some options to meet your needs.


“The away day for our senior team was fantastic – the insights
we got were invaluable. The team have begun to think differently as a result.”
— Paul Kirkham
MD, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

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